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    Follow these Steps to register your seat:
  • Scroll this page down to the form and select the number of people you are planning to attend this mass time. Select "1" if you are the only person planning on attending the mass. If you have more than 1 person coming with you to attend this mass time, please select the number of people including you in the "no. of participants" section.
  • After selecting the number of participants, click on the orange "register" button which will let you enter your contact information ( First & Last Name, Email). After entering this information, click on the orange "registration" button. This will reserve your seat in church and a confirmation email will be sent to the email you provide.
  • In this registration process, if you see the word "ticket" or even in your confirmation email, it simply means your SEATS in the church. For example, 2 tickets means 2 seats in the church.
*NOTE: Seat reservation is a first come-first serve basis and the seat reservation form will close & lock after 125 people reserve first.
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